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Based in Prague, Pepper – Decor s.r.o is a family owned and run company, offering industrial glass decorating services. We provide a one-stop-shop, from bottle or glass sourcing, to design, decoration, packaging and re-packaging facilities, and delivery. The company is part of an international group that operates on the Eastern European market of decorations and glass treatments for over 20 years. Because every step of our glass decorating process is completed on-site, at our facility, we consistently deliver our clients shorter lead times and more complex combinations of techniques than any other decorator or glass manufacturer.


Hot stamping

The unique technology of hot stamping allows us to break through decoration limitations. We can achieve gold, silver and other metallic color effects over coated bottles, frosted bottles and regular flint bottles. Advantages of hot stamping.

Precious metals - Gold and Platinum

It is the most premium technique in which pastes containing precious metals are used. There is a variety of combinations with the usage of precious metals, from simple gold layers with different effects, to extensive relief effects. This kind of decoration highlights the brand position and makes it exceptional among others.

UV inks technology

UV inks have excellent properties that allow printing a firm and glossy image. The cure takes place through the interaction of the ink ingredients and a strong UV (ultra violet) light source in a dryer. UV inks range in opacity from very transparent to translucent. The high level of transparency produces a very clean color gamut. This clarity of color, combined with the very fine pigment grind and the fact that the ink does not dry in the screen allows UV ink to be printed through extremely high mesh counts. The inks have a very good resistance towards chemicals, alcohol and cosmetics products, which may fill the bottle. UV inks do not contain cadmium (Cd) and lead (Pb).

Thermoplastic colors

Traditional high temperature colors. Using these colors we can achieve opaque, transparent and matte finishes as well as some unusual metallic effects. They result in a high-gloss with good hardness, physical resistance and chemical resistance for several applications. Refillable glassware requires using only thermoplastic inks.

Glass coating

A process of ink application to the glassware by spraying. This process involves a complete or partial covering a wide range of available colors. Shiny…matte…translucent…glossy…or even with a smell… That’s how this technique can make your product stand out. UV blocking coatings are available in light/transparent colors which are suitable for the food industry, where the preservation of taste and vitamins is the highest priority.

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